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Actinic Settings

We have found these settings to work when installing Actinic on our Linux servers:


Server Details

Catalog URL:


CodeBase: ./     (n.b. only one dot before the slash)

Path from CGI-BIN to acatalog directory: ../acatalog/    (n.b. two dots before the slash)


FTP Details

Server Host:

username: an ftp account created that points directly to the /public_html folder

Password: (your password)

Path to CGI-BIN: /cgi-bin/

Path from CGI-BIN: leave blank

Tick use Passive FTP


Email Settings

SMTP server:

Tick username and password required


Password: (your email password)


Maintain peace of mind with UK based support

Email any time or call 01480 26 00 00 014 80 26 00 00