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How to create and manage signatures in Apple (Mac) Mail

How to create and manage signatures in Apple Mail

A signature is automatically placed at the end of each e-mail message. Let's see how to create one.

Go to Mail.

Click Preferences.

Select the Signatures tab.

To delete a signature, select it.

And click the minus sign.

Clicking OK will permanently remove the signature. This cannot be undone.

Let's add a new signature by clicking the plus icon.

Give this signature a name.

Click in this box and type to edit the signature.

It's possible to create different signatures for each e-mail address you have added to Mail instead of using the same one for all accounts.

Click an account.

Now add a new signature as we did in the last step.

Set the default signature to use for this account.

That's it! Now you know how to create and manage your signatures.

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