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Windows servers migration to plesk

Published: 27/03/2018

Windows servers migration to Plesk

Due to some of windows systems being far too outdated or not running as well as we hoped.
We have decided to start migrating all windows hosted websites over to a new system called Plesk.
All migrated sites will benefit from
* New high-spec secure Windows 2016 servers
* LetsEncrypt - Free SSL's
* Multi PHP version support with faster PHP handlers
* Latest ASP.Net versions
* .Net Core support
* SQL Server 2017

and much much more....

Before we start doing your sites you will receive an email from us which may contain any extra actions we have to undertake to migrate your account. This may involve removing domains that are no longer used.
This process will be ongoing for at least 6 months.

If you experience any issue during or after migration please contact the support team and we will look into it for you.

Parallels offers a demo of the admin panel for Plesk 12.5: Plesk Demo

Maintain peace of mind with UK based support

Email any time or call 01480 26 00 00 014 80 26 00 00