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Important Notice Regarding Fast2host UPS

Published: 05/01/2023

We need to notify you of a critical maintenance window that affects one or more services that you may have with us

The status of this maintenance is:- Critical

Works Description:
Fast2Host St. Neots UPS will be undergoing critical maintenance. During this time, customers are on an “at risk” window. No customer should be affected during this time, but consideration to Data Centre power loss has been given.
- Reason for work: During a routine maintenance check, some batteries within the UPS unit are showing signs of age and require replacement to ensure full uptime is achieved.

- Provider: idash solutions

- Affected: Customers hosted in our St. Neots Datacentre.

- Impact: The UPS will be placed into bypass mode; if power to the grid is compromised, the auto-failover to generator power could be affected and require manual intervention.

- At Risk Window Start: 06/01/23 – 12:00 (Site Local Time)

- At Risk Window End: 06/01/23 – 17:00 (Site Local Time)

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