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Cloud CDN

Accelerate your websites, web applications, and media delivery.

Cloud VPS CDN enables you to create wide range of application and content delivery services for static and streaming content. You can create private CDNs across a hybrid service that bursts from our infrastructure into our global network, whenever you need more capacity.

CDN Types

  • HTTP Pull
  • HTP Push
  • Live Streaming
  • On Demand Streaming
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Website owner stores content on their server and rewrites URLs to include a subdomain. Then, when the specific content is requested, it is pulled to the CDN network from the host and delivered to the closest point to the consumer who requested that content (the content is cached on edge server).


Content is automatically distributed or 'pushed' to a selection of CDN locations when it is added to the origin server, or when it changes. It's better suited to larger files like software installers and patches, and when files are typically 50MB or larger - files that would take end users longer to download from the origin, if there isn't a local copy of the latest version.

HTTP Caching

Offloads web content onto the CDN network, and ensures that content is delivered more quickly by storing a copy at each CDN location.

Accelerate your HD videos and live streaming

Loads 2x Faster

Uses 60% Less

Live streaming

Broadcast high quality live video to end users, without buffering. Cloud VPS CDN gives you access to a wide range of live streaming locations. Cloud VPS CDN live streaming is enabled by Wowza Media Server 3, the leading high-performance media server. It supports:

  • Adobe - RTMP / RTMPE / RTMPT
  • Android - RTSP/RTP
  • Flash - HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
  • Apple - HTTP Streaming (HLS) for iPhone, iPod, iTouch
  • Microsoft - Smooth Streaming for SilverLight

Video on Demand

Deliver video files on request with YouTube-like control over playback, using features such as fast forward or rewind, and have the video buffer from that point instead of having to wait for video to download as with normal progressive streaming. Playback is up to 1080p. This protocol uses Nginix to serve videos through normal HTTP, supporting...

  • FLV
  • MP4
  • H.264/AAC

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